110 New Cavendish Street

Inaugural Group Exhibition

NISO is proud to announce the inauguration of its first space in Central London. The gallery's transition from a nomadic project space to a permanent venue marks a significant milestone in its mission to make impactful contributions to the contemporary art landscape.

NISO has been committed to supporting the next generation of talents as well as rediscovering the legacy of XXth-century artists whose remarkable contributions have mostly gone unnoticed in recent times. Located in Fitzrovia, the gallery will provide a dynamic platform for engaging with their work.

Our inaugural group exhibition embodies this ethos by unveiling eleven contemporary artists whose influential work in art history spans five decades of painting and sculpture. With names previously featured in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Venice Biennale and Japan's leading art galleries, the body of works exhibited play with tenuous contrasts and synergetic aesthetics. The viewer jumps from the straight and oblique lines of Hitoshi Nakazato (1936-2010) and Claude Chaussard (b. 1954) to the weightless structure of Takis’ (1925-2019) tele-magnetic sculpture to impalpable hatchings that melt into the atmospheric compositions of Max Wechsler (1925-2020) and Nanami Inoue (b. 1996). Each work’s individual intensity corroborates the various themes explored in this exhibition: the search of balance and tension, the incorporation of industrial processes or materials in the creative act, the concept of materiality.

With works by Manabu Mabe, Hitoshi Nakazato, Takis, Max Wechsler, Eve Gramatzki, Claude Chaussard, WaichiTsutaka, Daniel Brusatin, Guy Haddon Grant, Sawako Nasu, and Nanami Inoue