10, Greatorex Street


Dust to Dust

Installation View

Curatorial dialogues are the core concept of NISO. Whether this is chronological, drawing a line between contemporary and historically relevant artists, a social dialogue that highlights the resonance between different cultures, an artist with any particular subject, or in this case, the dialogue between two young practising artists. From these conversations and this virtue we further language and anchor ourselves in culture.

The collection we are presenting here and the dialogue that arose seems
to have started before it did. Although contemporaries and trained simultaneously in Florence, these two artists, who lived in the same neighborhood and whose studios today are a stone-throw away from each other met for the first time in the conception of this exhibition. Daniel Brusatin and Guy Haddon Grant apart from having highly compatible aesthetics, both navigate subjects of death and rebirth, cycles and seasons, creation and destruction, the importance of accidents, a keen focus on materiality and an overall love for the process and the poetry behind it all. We believe words here become superfluous, and the dialogue between their works and insight into their practices weave a rich and complete tapestry we are proud to share.